“He was so smooth and completely amazed our crowd. Everybody kept talking about his performance long into the night and the following days. Not only were the tricks great, the performance aspect was superb.”
— Daniel S.

Luigi will deceive and dazzle you with sleight of hand magic, but he is first and foremost an entertainer.

He has been delighting audiences and guests for years with humor, wit, smart presentations, and an engaging personality. His show is highly interactive and will leave your guests buzzing and thrilled.

Luigi can make any event special, and will adapt to circumstances. Here are a few options:

Strolling Magic

This is an informal, relaxed style of performance, where Luigi will mingle with your guests and perform close-up magic for small groups of people. The magic is direct, powerful, and happens in your guests’ hands and under their noses. This is the most interactive, personal, and memorable type of entertainment, and is best suited for cocktail hours or events where food is served buffet-style.

Close-up Show

When the occasion calls for more structured or time-limited entertainment, Luigi can perform a formal and intimate close-up show. This is typically a performance where your guests are seated. It can last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, and will be best enjoyed by audiences of 40 people or less. This format allow Luigi to be more conversational, and bring captivating effects to life with storytelling.


Parlor Show

If your audience is larger than 40, Luigi can perform a stand-up parlor show for groups as large as 200 people, whether it’s in a small theater or living room. This type of performance is bolder and plays bigger, but still allows for plenty of audience involvement and humor.

Combination Special

Of course you are not limited to only one option! If your event calls for lots of entertainment, Luigi can combine different options; a popular format is strolling magic during cocktail hour, followed by a bigger show after dinner.

“He pitched it perfectly, was perfectly dressed and had a great presence—part self-deprecating and part genius. Everyone has been talking about it the next day. A professional on and off the stage.”
— Alex B.